Forever Changing Shopify’s Checkout

Automatic customer signup BEFORE the checkout.

PreCart Signup will automatically embed a simple email address field above the add-to-cart button so users can enter their email address before clicking add to cart.

Frictionless Customer Signup

Free to install

Install in minutes with just a few clicks

Generated 11.30% Conversion Rate!

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Add-to-Cart should have always been this way!

  • This field is NOT required. Your checkout is NOT gated. This is an optional field, but most visitors will enter their email address voluntarily
  • This field ONLY appears for non-customers (prior customers will not see it)
  • Once a customer enters their email address, they receive an email to set up a password for their account.
  • Their email address is added to your customer list

All customers that are added to Shopify are tagged for easy identification and import into your integrated email marketing apps such as MailChimp, Klaviyo and others.

Ready to increase your email acquisition rates?

11.30% Conversion Rate

PreCart Signup generated 7750 emails at a 11.30% Conversion Rate.

AB tested and confirmed by Optimizely AB testing platform.